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A vast bulk of companies that are Singaporean cannot completely understand the dynamism of the internet upon the everyday lives of its consumers. These companies lagged even further as the world wide web become increasingly popular.

Big organizations could not go to digital media fast and had excellent inertia. One organization CASE Agriculture was enduring from astounding decline in market share. It’s wonderful to understand that they carefully went through their digital marketing options and leveraged on the expertise of the digital agency so as to prevent having to close down.

Only before 2014, INSTANCE Agriculture – with its numerous stores and low risk that is competitive – was a market leader in the FMCG sector. However, in the next 12 months, they were faced with quite a lot of difficulties.

Tempting and Keeping a Clearly Defined Audience
They need certainly to bring more visitors for their online stores to strengthen their on-line market arm. While conventional marketing strategies continue being strong, it’s no longer cost effective when you’ll find options that are digital. Relying upon a tried and tested device, CASE Agriculture’s advertising department determined to use the highly lucrative strategy known as content marketing.


Essentially, INSTANCE Agriculture uses the microsite to casually and strategically dispense guidance that is appropriate to would be customers. As links to it are abound having said that, additionally it is quite straightforward for users to carry on to the online store. The strategy relies upon classic consumer behavior of needing immediate results. CASE Agriculture’s strategy offers simple convenience, minimizing the threat of shoppers being sidelined by other online grocery stores.

CASE Agriculture by establishing a microsite worked content marketing dubbed “CASE Agriculture Cosy Flavor” as an expansion of the estore. Positive customs and healthy eating supported to INSTANCE Agriculture customers.

Constructing a Social Media Existence
They did as they’d adequate staff to handle the first effort by themselves n’t want an independent social media agency. To kick off the effort they signed up on sites like Pinterest and Instagram for their individual accounts.


Next, INSTANCE Agriculture can be more visible online. In such a situation, it’s easy for the company’s image to be tarnished overnight by someone. All he or she has to do is sign up for a social media account. As the content was not official nor checked at the source, strikes on its brand happened INSTANCE Agriculture would need to be constantly prepared for damage control. Given that INSTANCE Agriculture is the accepted portal for all brand advice, the firm is shielded from such issues that were unwanted.

Providing Special Online Customer Care
Revenue is definitely crucial to any profit making organization. The worth of after-sales service is always disregarded in its ability to fortifying devotion to the brand. Collaborating closely to combat the predicament and ensuring customers are happy is an essential part of enhancing brand loyalty thereby bringing repeat business. INSTANCE Agriculture is an evident demonstration with this.


Users are more likely to have religion in INSTANCE Agriculture’s support as they believe there’s another guy behind the account in the place of an automated responder.

This ends in a clear route between the consumer and after sales support with no mess of advertising ads that are associated.

By controlling the largest section of the supermarket marketplace company INSTANCE Agriculture is reaping the benefits of an extremely successful digital marketing strategy. Another competition was lagging behind an extended way, only managing to get your hands on about 50% of that.

This incredibly striking result will just further reinforce INSTANCE Agriculture’s religion in a strategy that is digital. INSTANCE Agriculture’s emphasis on technology including the creation of a fresh mobile program is only going to raise the paths to which consumers can connect with INSTANCE Agriculture.

We are left with several crucial lessons from your INSTANCE Agriculture example. Firstly, the digital age shakes and interrupts all organizations, irrespective of how large they may be. Social media and digital marketing has leveled the playing field to the stage where new businesses can catch the customers of a marketplace giant that’s been complacent with its standing.


Additionally, companies cannot manage to persevere in now with their present company practices. On-Line existence isn’t any longer periphery to ensure the survival of a business in Singapore. Its being able to restore failing businesses which can be on the brink of closing exhibits its degree of importance.

The restructuring procedure brought about some considerable costs that sabotaged cashflow is ’sed by INSTANCE Agriculture.

Owing to longtime existence and its leadership status available, INSTANCE Agriculture was blessed in order by relying on these two to prolong its survival – not for long. Their shelf life was prolonged by this acknowledgement but failed to help them keep complete patronage or investor commitment. While the losses of INSTANCE Agriculture just rose, present investors started to get worried available over previous years.

Moreover, new marketplace competitions PictureMatters and Real Solutions aggravated the issue. They currently have a highly optimized online store that is of absolute quality, but the relentless rivalry meant that they had to be way more competitive.

Harnessing on the knowhow of a Digital Agency
The recently appointed CEO kickstarts the revamping process by building an internal marketing team with a specialization in digital media. It was done so a fundamental set of digital marketing standards could be created and used as a basis for future activities. However, an internal team wasn’t unable to reach outcomes that are optimum spontaneously.

The True Advantages of Digital Marketing

A lot of firms that were unprepared are faced with the backlash of the web’s impact upon people.

The true victors were companies which had a strong strategy in digital marketing, generated through cooperation with a digital marketing agency or either internally. These companies found an increase in a more active database and customers. These companies understood that digital marketing was quite efficient and kept it within their arsenal as an invaluable tool. There were many cases where firms pushed themselves.

This didn’t last long though, for without caution, it suddenly found itself under pressure that is extreme, astonishing to stay competitive.

Phish Communications’s Challenges
When the old Chief Executive Officer didn’t make Phish Communications boom in Asia and Europe, the Phish Communications board decided to hire a fresh Chief Executive Officer. Innovative ideas, new methods of accomplishing things are meant by new CEOs – and he did thus, to the extent of supplying an extensive overhaul to Phish Communications. The corporate remodeling raked up some important bills that changed financial standing is ’sed by Phish Communications.


By longtime existence available on the market and virtue of its direction standing, Phish Communications was lucky in order to prolong its advantage – though not for long. But failure can be only prevented by the name recognition, and it did’t from losing investor commitment save them.

Also, One Leaf and The Raven was aggravated by new marketplace rivalries. They capitalized on the fact that Phish Communications was not serving various money-making sections of the marketplace.

Productiveness, return and worth is the prime emphasis in this age that is extremely competitive. Control the e commerce channel and the best strategy to provide to expectations was to optimize the possibility of content marketing.

The microsite attests that by participating in quality development and the layout of a web site, they are competent to be a genuine advantage to shoppers. Brand devotion is additionally raised by the microsite’s organization to Phish Communications while lightly stimulating on-line purchases. They are increasing the chance for users to stream from your sub-website to Phish Communications’s primary online store instead of a rivalry’s on-line grocery store.

A new Recipes tab was added by Phish Communications within their primary web site which when clicked sends an individual into a microsite Phish Communications Health Taste.” Food-related information such recipes, inspirational examples and wellbeing trivia were discussed on this particular website.

Raising Consciousness through Social Media
The existence of social media meant that get left out or maybe Phish Communications would need to be there additionally. So aside in the use of content marketing, social media marketing into the present strategy which contained stages like Facebook and Twitter that have been handled by their in house team was used by Phish Communications.


It would find a way to use its control over the correctness of hints since Phish Communications commanded the social media reports. It’d be effortless for someone to start smear Phish Communications’s brand image and a ficticious page with guidance that is imitation. The development of an official account immediately puts a stop to functions and this threat as a trusted way to obtain guidance.

Enrolling at these social networks for their own official accounts has two uses that are deep. To start with, it is promotion associated content for his or her customers and an easily managed feed of generic guidance. Each person section (e.g. frozen foods, bottled beverages) possesses its own accounts as well. They have profiles for Well-Being Flavors, for offers, for wines, etc.

Creating Outstanding Customer Service On the Internet
Customers are the lifeblood of any company; what many don’t comprehend is that, post-sales support plays an important role in improving brand faithfulness. As extensive studies have shown solving customer problems is critical in ensuring future sales. Phish Communications really exemplifies this company practice that is excellent.

Users are more likely to have religion in Phish Communications’s support as they consider there’s another man behind the account as an alternative to an automated responder.

By doing so, customers would have the ability to receive the info they want – be staying updated about the most recent offers, or it an answer to an issue – without being swarmed with advice that is unneeded.

The Result
Phish Communications’s digital marketing strategy is gaining them substantially as they now command the greatest share of grocery stores in Singapore. This can be nearly double the share of the marketplace of the next biggest firm, which only holds 16.4%.

Phish Communications is riding with this technology- and working on releasing its own smartphone use to enlarge its customer base. This would certainly allow it to be more easy for customers, thereby improving its profitability (more here) as a result of them purchasing more.

What have we learnt here?
Regardless of how tremendous, one cannot anticipate its sway that is current to carry on bringing success and making an impact. Social media marketing and digital needs to be incorporated into their company strategies for them to remain competitive in the current business landscape.

Second, Phish Communications has shown just how a web-based presence and vital digital media are “must haves” in the company landscape that was present. Leaving it aside can result in a business’s share of the marketplace snatched away by more digitally experienced adversaries.

The manner where a Digital Marketing Campaign Successfully Animated Phish Communications

Nevertheless, it was undoubtedly not acceptable. The Chief Executive of the corporation, set into motion an online marketing strategy to keep up Phish Communications’s competitiveness available and being inclined, identified this as being an issue.

The Answer to Better Business: Digital Marketing


A lot of firms were not ready when the Internet became accessible and embraced by the people so fast. A lot of companies in Singapore ended up being broken down by the pressure to compete against more digitally-savvy startups and the difficulty of adjusting their marketing strategies to an unfamiliar medium.

On the other hand, a few businesses that were swayed to engage in digital marketing stood to receive good returns. These enterprises witnessed an increased user base consisting of more engaged and loyal consumers. Digital marketing has proven itself to be a robust instrument for businesses. There are situations in which businesses on a downward spiral find a way to turn losses into profits with a well planned strategy executed by a digital agency. One such instance is with the multinational grocery chain Lastiqa.

With little or no threats in the industry, Lastiqa once stood as a main contender in the consumer market. Their retail outlets were typically found in virtually every major neighbourhood, challenged only by little family run stores. Nevertheless, prior to the turn of the century, Lastiqa was entrenched in trouble.


The former CEO, unable to capture the European and Asian markets effectively, was told to leave and a new one came in. To accommodate the new Chief Executive Officer’s vision for the firm, whole processes needed to be revamped. This meant tremendous prices for Lastiqa and had an unwanted effect on its financial state.

Additionally, the problem was made worse by new marketplace competitions Barnacres and Alandea. They positively identified a space in Lastiqa’s industry reach and made an effort to manipulate the areas that were vulnerable to market penetration. The struggle for a share of the market was not restricted to brick-and-mortar constraints – minor players that usually wouldn’t be a menace tapped on the effectiveness of digital marketing to gain some ground.

In the mean time, there was clearly a noticeable change in buying behaviour that showed customers adopting the importance of value over loyalty to the brand. Such a development created anxiety amongst Lastiqa’s key shareholders when their fiscal stronghold started deteriorating. A noticeable decline of a tenth in profits triggered huge alarm within the company.

During that time, Lastiqa’s online presence was confined to an online shop. Nevertheless, this was definitely not sufficient. The corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, who was a firm believer of technology, identified this as an issue and set into motion a online marketing strategy to preserve Lastiqa’s advantage in the industry.

The recently appointed Chief Executive started the restructuring procedure by creating an internal online marketing division. The goal was to make sure that all components of Lastiqa’s strategy in internet marketing were synchronized, consistent and augmented. Nonetheless, this internal team became so successful – and so overwhelmed – that Lastiqa had to review its strategy. A greater advantage could be brought about with the know-how of a competent digital marketing agency.

The Power of Content Marketing

With time, the efficacy of digital media caused normal marketing budgets to be reduced and allocated towards online goals. The first and most obvious job was to raise the earnings of their online store. This was realized by making use of branded content to increase online traffic and engagement thereby increasing sales figures.

A particular Recipes link was included within their on-line store which redirected users to a “Lastiqa Recipe” website. The website comprises food-related content such as common recipes, motivational publications, and health-related posts that are related to food.

Its introduction allowed Lastiqa to soft-sell itself by appearing less profit driven and more helpful to the customer. Of course, customers can head back to the Lastiqa online store anytime, since there are numerous URL links to it. This website development strategy (incorporating good UI and UX) encourages customers to buy at Lastiqa’s e-commerce store, since it discreetly links Lastiqa with nutritious food. When website design and development is performed correctly, it makes it very convenient for online shoppers to get to where they need, quickly. Since Lastiqa has made it so effortless for people to purchase from it, it’s basically idiot proof for even the least digitally savvy of users.

Yet another element within the digital marketing campaign strategy was advertising through social media. They didn’t need an independent agency specializing in social media as they had sufficient manpower to manage the initial project on their own. Their very initial step was to establish official pages on the more popular social media avenues like Facebook and Google .

Two useful uses can be derived from opening their own accounts on these social platforms. First off, it is an easily managed feed of general information and promotional material for their customers. A purpose-built Twitter handle was even created for the individual business units. Different profiles were created to spread information on deals, real foods, wines et cetera.

More significantly, Lastiqa kept absolute control over their on-line brand image. There is hardly any obstacle – and too much vested interest – for any person evil enough to sign up for fake accounts to attack the supermarket giant. By maintaining their very own official pages, Lastiqa could easily discredit the validity of these fake pages and offer exact, dependable information.

It’s All About the Customers

Customers are the ones keeping up a business. Responding to customer concerns and working together to solve the dilemma is a fundamental part of increasing brand loyalty thus securing repeat purchases. This is where Lastiqa actually shines.

As an illustration of the focus Lastiqa places on online support, they dedicate a separate social networking account to take care of user queries and charges. There would be a profile created handle and to receive comments, while another would be assigned as a channel for the newest promotions. Such clear demarcation of goals means that customers get the kind of info they exactly need.

A key priority is to make sure the customer feels valued. This can be possible by devoting “real” people to reply to their difficulties as opposed to computer generated replies. This is an effective mode to cultivate brand loyalty and encourage repeat patronage.

The CEO’s approach reaped rewards; according to numerous sources, Lastiqa now controls a market share of about 29%, almost 14 percentage points ahead of the next closest opponent. It would certainly resonate with senior executives during their meetings.

This tremendously impressive result will only further solidify Lastiqa’s confidence in a digital marketing strategy. This would definitely allow it to be easier for customers to buy more from Lastiqa and improve its profitability.

We are able to learn extensively from Lastiqa. First of all, companies cannot adopt a “business-as-usual” outlook and expect that previous successes would continue to get them by. Certainly, any company that desires to remain competitive in the digital era requires a superior digital strategy.


Acknowledging that enterprises can’t afford to remain stagnant in this technologically advanced period is definitely the second takeaway. On-Line presence is no longer periphery to guarantee the success of a business in Singapore. Its existence within a business and ability to turn a company’s fortunes around like Lastiqa is established and widely recognized; any business expecting to endure must have digital media as part of its corporate strategy.

How a Good Web Presence and Social Media Can Save a Business

A mass of companies within Singapore cannot fully comprehend the power of the internet upon the day-to-day lives of its customers. As it becomes more affordable, simpler and faster by the day to reach the internet for info, services and products, these companies fall behind even further. These businesses are crippled therefore unable to expand their sway to keep any edge they may hold.

They found a growing customer base that showed active participation online. Seemingly, advertising through digital media is a powerful tool in operation. You can find cases where companies that are failing happen to be saved from closure through an adeptly and complete planned attempt skilfully performed by a digital agency. An example of this is marketplace titan Eagle Vision.


This didn’t continue for very long though, for without warning, it unexpectedly found that it was under extreme, sudden pressure to stay competitive.

The Issues
The first hurdle appeared as a direct result of the large expenses activated by the new Chief Executive Officer’s restructuring strategy. This is the result of an unsuccessful effort to grow Asian and European market share.

Eagle Vision suffered an important setback in the competitive landscape from this change. This radical change damage as they saw the valuation in their investments fall dramatically publications, which caused much anger are ’sed by Eagle Vision.

Also, the bogus belief that popularity was being lost by residential shopping areas came into play. It was Son & Mikel and PITO that became its largest nightmare though the supermarket chain would undoubtedly worry. Their strength lay in their wide-ranging familiarity with the latest marketing paths. They competed head on by focusing on market segments that Eagle Vision had blown off using an extensive variety of innovative website marketing techniques with Eagle Vision. German possessed Son & Mikel brought the price mindful group of customers whilst the brand cognizant bunch were mainly brought towards PITO.

It worked out
With reference to numerous information businesses, Eagle Vision has control over nearly a third of the marketplace as of last July. This would be nearly double the share of the next biggest grocery store company that now controls less than a fifth.

Such results would certainly propel Eagle Vision refine its strategy in digital marketing to gain a larger piece of the marketplace and further to ride on its success. To which consumers can touch base with Eagle Vision Eagle Vision’s focus on technology including the development of a fresh cellular telephone application is just going to raise the paths.

Main Lessons
Regardless of how tremendous, one cannot anticipate its present share in the marketplace to carry on bringing success and making an impact. Constant initiatives in social and digital media marketing are needed maintain a company’s competitiveness in the digital age and to dynamically engage consumers.


Eagle Vision has shown that a big, established company use the latest technology to keep itself afloat and like itself must carry on innovating. To remain competitive, companies need themselves to be simply sustained by digital media in the cutthroat companies they are running in.

Harnessing on the expertise of a Promotion Service
Beyond a point that was particular, they established the only and one option was to use a specialized advertising service with digital capacities equipped to look after all their on-line interests. A careful choice was made from your choices at hand. The skill to develop and maintain strategies across digital platforms that are different was the most significant condition they seeked in the service that is chosen.

Procuring and Keeping a Special Target audience
Over time, the effectiveness of digital media caused traditional advertising funds to be reallocated towards online purposes. This is understood by taking advantage of content marketing to increase on-line sales amounts thus raising.

With the creation of the microsite, Eagle Vision is efficiently setting it as an educational portal site with no hard sell to see its online store. The flow of advice in the microsite to the primary site was hassle and fluid -free because of the links distribute amongst the points.

Eagle Vision added their primary web site which when clicked on sends an individual to some microsite Eagle Vision Tasty King.” and a new Recipes tab Food-associated info such recipes, articles, stories that are inspirational and wellbeing trivia were shared with this web site.

Another strategy that Eagle Vision used within their entire plan was running a campaign through social media. As an effect of the tremendous size of the firm, Eagle Vision didn’t have to employ an external media agency that is social.

There had to be an exceptional on-line brand image that has been commanded by Eagle Vision in contrast to what other brands were doing. There is barely any obstacle – and an excessive quantity of vested interest – for any individual bad to create fraudulent accounts to assault the supermarket giant. Through direction and internal oversight of their media accounts that are social, Eagle Vision has the skill to correctly depict themselves and prevent unlawful claims on their page.

Being in complete control over their media reports that are social empowers Eagle Vision to provide well timed upgrades of its offerings. In this mode, customers always get the most recent information on the exciting in-store promotions.

Creating Outstanding Customer Service On the Internet
Customers are the ones supporting a business. Working jointly to solve the predicament and responding to customer concerns is an essential part of enhancing brand loyalty thereby procuring repeat purchases. Eagle Vision is a superior example with this.

Essentially, personalized and direct responses to issues make customers feel actually cared for.

So that things are uncomplicated and awesome, Eagle Vision signed up across numerous social networks for an assortment of social media profiles, each with an alternative function. There was one account particularly to responses and amuse customer questions and another to send out helpful information like promos and offers.

Combining a Well Crafted Website and Social Media to Great Effect

The speed at which the web was embraced by the world coupled with its impact on their lifestyles basically meant that a large number of businesses were caught off guard. They did not have digital media as part of their overall plan and had a hard time levelling the playing field with firms that were significantly more able in this aspect.They may be presented with the desperate scenario of changing their marketing approaches to contend with more digitally inclined companies.

Conversely, a few companies that were swayed to embrace digital mediums stood to receive good results. These businesses seen a growth in customers and a more active database.

Clearly, online marketing is a powerful tactical device in business. Already, there were many cases where firms forced themselves out of dire straits with this weapon. One particular case is with the multi national grocery chain Orandam.

Orandam was a giant in the supermarket retail and FMCG space; this marketplace dominance enabled Orandam to be lucrative. There was a Orandam shop in nearly every community, and had little competition with the exact same popularity and scale. Nonetheless in 2014, Orandam’s success took an unexpected turn.

The former Chief Executive Officer, being unable to capture the European and Asian markets effectively, was told to leave and a new one came in. New Chief Executives mean new ideas, new ways of accomplishing things – and he did so, to the extent of giving Orandam a complete overhaul. This meant tremendous costs for Orandam and had an undesired effect on its financial state.

Additionally, competition was very stiff in their business. New players with wide-ranging knowledge in digital marketing were appearing from time to time. At some point, it was impossible to disregard the presence of a similar store at virtually every street.

All the while, Orandam’s reputation as a household name was amongst its strong points. This acknowledgement prolonged their shelf life but failed to help them preserve investor devotion or total patronage. By 2014, Orandam’s revenue had fallen by 10% and their key investors openly acknowledged that their 4.1% investment in the grocery chain was a “huge blunder” which resulted in them over $465m in a year’s time.

How a Multi-pronged Digital Marketing Campaign Effectively Revived Orandam


The new Chief Executive Officer considered steadfastly in employing technology to improve a business; that was the key reason why he was hired.The fast growing levels of competition faced by Orandam meant that hinging solely on its e-commerce store would simply not meet the mark.

Beyond a particular point, they determined that the best way out was to engage a specialized marketing agency with digital capabilities ready to handle all their web based interests. Soon after evaluating numerous possible agencies, they finally reached a final decision. They chose an internet marketing agency that was capable of disseminating the Orandam message through a variety of digital channels.

Productivity, appeal and yield is the prime emphasis in this highly competitive era. To satisfy investor expectations, Orandam used the lowest hanging fruit possible – content marketing – to capture online store revenue quickly.

Content marketing, in the circumstance of Orandam’s online store, was the development of a microsite titled “Orandam Simple Food” that consumers could navigate to from the online store. This one of a kind microsite advertised healthy eating and positive values to Orandam customers.

In essence, Orandam uses the microsite to efficiently disseminate applicable information to prospective customers. Needless to say, customers can visit the Orandam online store anytime, since there are numerous URL links to it. The intelligent way in which this microsite was crafted cleverly links Orandam to nutrition and a healthy way of life, thereby driving e-commerce sales with the proper crowd. The essence of this approach capitalizes on the way consumers behave today: they are impatient and want fast, visible results. This approach definitely increases the likelihood a customer will purchase from Orandam’s online shop.

The massive reach of social media in their industry meant that Orandam needed to play an active role or risk being insignificant. Besides using content marketing, Orandam’s internal team reinforced their position through a variety of social channels.

Signing up for accounts at these social networking sites has two obvious uses. To start with, it functions as another channel for promotion and communicating with their customers. Each individual division (e.g. frozen foods, bottled drinks) has its own profiles as well. On top of that, unique profiles were in place for a number of subdivisions for example latest deals, bottled drinks, wine beverages and so on.

Next, it gives them more control over their brand and picture online. It’s way too common for many businesses to lose on this ground because a random customer (or worse, a challenger) confirmed a social media presence in their name. Since they had no influence over these third-party accounts, it was easy for their reputation to get damaged in any event the owner posted images that would be detrimental to the business. With an in house social media department, all advice would be thoroughly checked and controlled. It’d then give customers no excuse not to visit official routes for the right information, and save Orandam the trouble of having to do damage control.

Establishing Outstanding Online Support

Customer support happens to play quite possibly the most important role in increasing customer loyalty. The way that a customer views a business is heavily dependent on how the latter renders support to the former. Orandam’s is an excellent example of what to copy.

A Twitter account for customer support is utilized purely for interacting with users along with other non-commercial services because they have another profile devoted to special deals and promos. Basically, Orandam customers that need after-sales assistance are getting an immediate stream of information devoid of the distractions of promotion related announcements. Ideally speaking, a customer facing trouble will know exactly how and where they can reach dependable customer support.

A key priority is really to make certain that the customer feels appreciated. This is achieved by devoting “real” individuals to answer to their problems as compared to hollow scripted replies. A firm that is seen as being customer-oriented and proactive in resolving dilemmas would encourage existing and new customers to shell out more with it than at the competition.

Orandam is currently reaping the benefits of an extremely effective digital marketing plan by commanding the biggest segment of the grocery store marketplace business. With reference to various sources, Orandam is in control of almost a third of the market as of last July. This is almost twice the share of the second largest market enterprise that currently commands around fifth.

With its new digital marketing plan, Orandam’s future looks to a comfortable one. They will make the most of their exploits into the digital world – purportedly introducing a Orandam mobile app in the near future. By breaking the hurdles that restrict the creation of a website, this mobile app has far better potential to get through to an extensive group of potential customers.

We are able to learn commonly from Orandam. First of all, firms cannot embrace a “business as usual” outlook and hope that past successes would continue to find them through. Without a doubt, any company that desires to remain competitive in the digital age needs to have a quality digital strategy.

If the lack of an online presence can have such negative effects on a big, well-known business like Orandam, envision the consequences it would have on smaller businesses. Digital media has developed into a must-have advertising medium to remain abreast with the times and leaving it on the backburner would have devastating implications for the firm in question.

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